Football Quiz: How well have you been paying attention to Northwestern Football lately?

Danny O’Grady, Reporter


Thank you for taking the quiz!

Thank you for taking the quiz!

#1. Who currently has the most sacks among Northwestern defenders this season?

#2. Who has the most receiving yards on the NU offense?

#3. Which of these teams did the Wildcats not play this year?

#4. To which team did the Cats lose by the most points?

#5. Which of these NU players has not recorded an interception this season?

#6. Which of these teams is not in the Big Ten West?

#7. Who did the Cats play on Homecoming Weekend?

#8. Who did NU play on Family Weekend?

#9. How many ranked opponents has Northwestern played so far this season?

#10. How many touchdowns has Ryan Hilinski thrown?


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