Captured: Northwestern fencing secures top spots at Remenyik ROC and RJCC tournament

Seeger Gray, Sports Photo Editor

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Northwestern hosted the 2022mi Remenyik ROC and RJCC fencing tournament at Ryan Fieldhouse this weekend. The Wildcats opened their season against opponents including Notre Dame, Penn State, Wayne State and Lawrence University. Sophomore Yejine Lee won Division I-A women’s foil, while freshman Megumi Oishi took first in Division I-A women’s sabre.

The ‘Cats return to action next weekend at the October North American Cup in Minneapolis.

One fencer crouches to hit another fencer in a large room with a curved roof. Two fencers hit each other with weapons, one crouching and one leaning down. Two fencers wearing masks stand side by side. Two fencers hit each other with weapons, one bending over. Two fencers not wearing masks stand and talk. Two fencers move towards each other with weapons raised. Fencers, referees and onlookers mill about in a large room with a curved roof. Two fencers not wearing masks bump fists.







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