Captured: Gaggles of geese gain ground at Northwestern

Seeger Gray, Assistant Photo Editor

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While Spring Quarter’s warm weather allows stressed students to take scenic Lakefill walks, the campus geese get their moment to shine. This spring, they made way for several youngsters.

The goslings are able to fly and find their own food after only seven to 10 weeks, but they will migrate south with their parents in the fall and remain together until they return in spring. The Daily photographed the geese as they grew up alongside students on campus.

A young gosling standing on pavement looks at the camera.

A young gosling and a goose sit on grass.Three young goslings swim with two geese in blue water.Three young goslings walk on grass near a goose.A group of goslings and a goose stand on grass in front of a body of water and a bridge.Goslings and geese walk on grass.A group of goslings sit and walk on grass.A goose and a group of goslings walk together on pavement.Goslings and a goose walk on grass with water in the background.Three goslings walk on pavement. Geese sit and stand on grass in the background.Two goslings sit next to each other on grass next to a goose.Email: [email protected]

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