News Quiz: The Clothesline Project, Illinois governor elections and leaving NU

May 2, 2022


#1. When did the Clothesline Project on bringing awareness to gender-based violence begin?

#2. Who of the following is not a candidate for the upcoming Illinois gubernatorial?

#3. To the nearest hundred, how many COVID-19 tests did the University receive this week?

#4. Which Northwestern men’s basketball player is transferring to Duke University in the fall?

#5. What event did the South Asian Students Alliance and OM at Northwestern host Saturday?

#6. Which Illinois law requires public schools to teach students about LGBTQ+ people’s contributions to state and national history?

#7. What was the name of the show improv group Out Da Box put on over the weekend?

#8. Where was Queer Prom! hosted Friday night?

#9. Which university system is Vice President for Student Affairs Julie Payne-Kirchmeier going to after departing NU this summer?

#10. When was the last all-night environmental teach-out hosted at NU?


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