Best Place to See a Good View: Northwestern Lakefill

Kalina Pierga, Reporter

As compensation for the dumpster fire that is the quarter system’s unending barrage of exams, Northwestern gave us the Lakefill.

Composed of 74 acres of reclaimed underwater land, the Lakefill was built to expand NU’s physical footprint. Today, it serves as a respite and community nexus for frazzled, burnt-out students. It is a foundational element of NU student culture: NorthwesternCore simply wouldn’t be complete without hammocks decorating each Lakefill tree the second the weather passes 60 degrees.

The Lakefill was voted best place to see a good view this year, and for good reason. From the southernmost point of the Lakefill peninsula, you can see an expansive view of the Chicago lakeshore. Catch ethereal sunsets, beautiful sunrises and everything in between. Walk a few steps north, and you’ll get an unbeatable angle of Lake Michigan.

From anxiety-soothing scenic strolls to first dates made less awkward by picturesque scenery, the Lakefill suits all occasions — probably why it absolutely dunked on all other nominations in its category this year.

My top Lakefill recommendations: midnight picnics, sunrise walks and crying in public — not in a depressing way, but in a tragically scenic coming-of-age movie way.

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