Best First Date Spot: Tapas Barcelona

Nicole Markus, Copy Editor

Picture this: it’s your first date, and you’re really nervous. You’re not sure where to go, but you want a fun atmosphere where the conversation flows naturally. With its plentiful plates and colorful atmosphere, Tapas Barcelona is the place for you.

Tapas Barcelona’s variety of tasty small plates and delicious drinks is the main event. Eating at Tapas is a fantastic way to intimately get to know your partner’s palate, because you’re encouraged to order a multitude of things and share. You can’t get just one thing. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, I recommend the crispy patatas bravas with spicy tomato sauce and traditional paellas.

Tapas’s cozy atmosphere and decorations provide for some great conversation starters, and the Spanish flair sets the experience apart from other restaurants in the Evanston area. Another plus? The restaurant’s Chicago Avenue location means you can easily walk there from anywhere around Northwestern’s Evanston Campus, a fantastic opportunity to offer your date your jacket when they’re cold.

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