Best Nail Salon: Dazzle Nails

Jocelyn Mintz, Reporter

When my mom came to visit me at school for the first time, she took one look at my sloppy, self-done manicure and demanded that we get mani-pedis together. 

With its convenient location on Church Street, Dazzle Nails was the perfect option for mother-daughter bonding over manicures. Not only is the staff friendly, but the interior is also gorgeous, with bursts of color and sparkles that greet customers as soon as they walk through the doors. The salon is certainly designed with the student body in mind, offering a 10% discount for any Wildcard holder. 

When Evanston residents are in need of anything from a simple manicure to elaborate nail designs, Dazzle Nails is a consistent favorite. The salon offers classic manicures, powder dip nails, gel nails, pedicures and even foot massages.

As I was walking past Dazzle Nails, I saw two of my close friends walk out the door and they showed me their freshly painted nails. From my own mother to my best friends, everyone loves Dazzle. 

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