Best Brunch: Ovo Frito Café

Jessica Ma, Reporter

Walking into Ovo Frito Café is like stepping into an egg yolk. You are immediately greeted by chamomile yellow and sunkissed orange walls. Colorful paintings of eggs adorn the space. In one landscape painting, sunny-side up eggs dangle from tree branches, mirroring Christmas ornaments. 

Husband Roberto Flores and wife Zinnia Iglesias opened the cafe, located at 1936 Maple Ave., back in 2017. Ovo Frito, which means “fried egg” in Portuguese, has quickly become a local favorite, taking the brunch slot in 2020’s Best of Evanston as well. 

The decor isn’t the only thing that stands out. The brunch options are also (egg)cellent, whether you’re craving something savory or sweet. Ovo Frito offers an assortment of items on their menu: fluffy omelets, spicy chilaquiles and veggie bowls. 

For my brunch, I ordered a hot coffee and the Viva La France, a French toast stack layered with fresh bananas, tangy strawberries and glistening vanilla cream. 

In the cafe, a soft chatter of conversation hums in the air as customers share food and laughter. At Ovo Frito, you don’t just order specials —  you feel special. 

Sunny side up, scrambled, or poached. No matter how you like your eggs, Ovo Frito is a paradise for brunch fanatics. 

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