Captured: “Merrily We Roll Along” marks 79th annual Dolphin Show

Joanne Haner, Assistant Photo Editor

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The Dolphin Show celebrated its 79th anniversary with their production of “Merrily We Roll Along” in Cahn Auditorium.

A spotlight shines on someone in a light gray suit and blue-collared shirt standing center stage. People surround and face him.

Two people argue. One wears a blue suit and red tie and yells at the other, who is dressed with a brown jacket and yellow shirt. An NBC logo can be seen behind them.Someone in a red coat and white turtle points emphatically at the audience.A group of people sit on steps, with three seated in front and four in the back. They are dressed in suits and dresses. Two people sit on a ledge set on stage. One wears a cable knit sweater and hangs his legs off the stage. The other sits crouched on the ledge.Someone in a blue suit and red tie sits in a television chair as they speak to someone standing beside them. They wear a purple dress and have long blonde hair. Someone with blonde hair belts on stage in an off-the-shoulder blue gown. A spotlight shines on them. Someone in a cable knit sweater directs a small child where to go on stage. The child has a yellow envelope in their hand. A group of five people move forward on the stage in unison as they sing a song.


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