McDaniel: Northwestern, name the fraternities next time

Ryder McDaniel, Op-Ed Contributor

Northwestern’s neglect to name the fraternities involved with the recent alleged druggings is an active minimization of these crimes. The University did not prioritize student safety —  it attempted to cover up these atrocious events. 

As a junior at NU, I greatly appreciate the crime notices we receive. Myself and others feel much safer knowing the events that occur around campus. However, the recent crime notices regarding alleged druggings at “584 Lincoln St.” and  “2325 Sheridan Rd.” have greatly shaken my faith in the Department of Safety and Security and NU.

The alleged druggings occurred at Alpha Epsilon Pi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the latter of which has a history of crime both at NU and other campuses. These fraternities have also been suspended, banned or otherwise indicted at multiple universities. 

Withholding the names of the organizations where these alleged druggings occurred is sheltering these dangerous individuals and actively withholding information pertinent to student safety. By doing so, the University is clearly choosing to shelter these fraternities over student safety and wellness. 

Stating that “both reported locations are on-campus fraternity houses” is not providing adequate information. NU must name both fraternities so students can accurately understand the on-campus threats posed to them.

NU’s loyalty must be to its students. Actively excluding information about alleged druggings that occur at on-campus fraternities is a failure of this administration. 

Within one week of Fall Quarter’s start, there have been multiple alleged druggings on NU’s campus at fraternities, yet there have been no policy changes to protect students. In fact, the University has actively attempted to hide the organizations responsible. 

I hope to see a follow-up email to the NU community naming AEPi and SAE as the organizations responsible for hosting the events where these alleged druggings occurred. Anything less is placing the anonymity of the individuals and organizations responsible above the safety of NU students.

I hope to see upcoming policy changes that will reflect your renewed commitment to integrity and student safety.

Ryder McDaniel is a Northwestern junior. If you would like to respond publicly to this op-ed, send a Letter to the Editor to [email protected]. The views expressed in this piece do not necessarily reflect the views of all staff members of The Daily Northwestern.