Health and Human Services department issues cold weather advisory


Daily file photo by Colin Boyle

A bus traverses the snow. As temperatures plummet, the city announced a cold weather advisory.

Maia Spoto, City Editor

As temperatures plummet, the city issued a cold weather advisory.

For residents who must go outside, the city recommends wearing several layers of loose-fitting, lightweight, warm clothing — wool, if possible — as well as a hat, gloves and scarf, an Evanston Health and Human Services Department news release said.

Frostbite can occur in extreme cold in less than a minute. The city advises that residents seek medical attention if they notice skin stiffness, slurred speech, slow heartbeat, drowsiness, weak pulse or slow or shallow breathing.

The city also cautions against using generators or ovens as indoor heat sources. Residents using heaters that consume wood, coal, natural gas or kerosene should ensure they have proper ventilation to guard against carbon monoxide buildup. Residents using electric space heaters should avoid placing them near flammable materials, like curtains, and should turn them off before sleeping.

“Residents are advised to take preventive actions to avoid cold-related illnesses, such as hypothermia and frostbite, and to check on elderly friends and neighbors,” the news release said.

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