Phi Kappa Psi sanctioned, fined for holding on-campus party


Kelsey Carroll/The Daily Northwestern

The Phi Kappa Psi house on campus. Following a social event held on Jan. 18, the fraternity was sanctioned for violating IFC and University policies on social events.

Megan Munce, Campus Editor

Northwestern’s chapter of Phi Kappa Psi was sanctioned by the Interfraternity Council for holding a social event in violation of IFC Codes of Conduct on social gatherings and alcohol possession.

According to a statement released to The Daily, IFC’s Standards Board held a hearing last Saturday to review reports by members of the NU community and people who attended the event. The board fined Phi Psi $3,500, banned them from recruiting until the end of Spring 2021 and placed them on Associate Member status with a Zero-Tolerance Period policy lasting until the end of Spring 2022.

Individual members of Phi Psi were mandated to participate in NU programs on COVID-19, alcohol and recruitment policies, and some were removed from the IFC Executive Board.

“Phi Kappa Psi’s behavior was unacceptable, dangerous, and unfitting for a Fraternity at NU,” the statement read. “For the IFC Executive Board, holding IFC members accountable — especially in the period of the pandemic — remains the top priority, and deviations from our rules and expectations will be addressed swiftly and resolutely.”

Earlier this quarter, IFC reversed their prior decision to allow some in-person, socially distanced recruitment events and banned all in-person events. The sanctions against Phi Psi include recruitment-related misconduct, an unregistered social function and possession of alcohol on chapter premises.

Following the Jan.18 event, the Phi Psi house on campus had been spray painted with “superspreaders” and a skull over the door, both of which were quickly removed. 

According to IFC President Nick Papandreou, the University has an open and ongoing investigation into the event.

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