Reintroducing Who Asked You

Alex Chun, Emma Yarger, and Meher Yeda

The Daily Northwestern’s audio desk is bringing back the talk show Who Asked You, but this time, it looks different. Rather than analysis of political news, we’re expanding it to fit all things opinion. We’ll discuss everything from #resignMorty to the ethics of skipping your best friend’s Zoom improv show. In each episode, Who Asked You will sit down with opinionated Northwestern students to dish out the hottest (and coldest) takes

EMMA YARGER: From The Daily Northwestern, I’m Emma Yarger.

MEHER YEDA: I’m Meher Yeda.

ALEX CHUN: And I’m Alex Chun, the audio editor for The Daily Northwestern. I’m super excited to announce that the audio desk is bringing back the Daily’s talk show: “Who Asked You.”

EMMA YARGER: On this podcast, we’ll be serving you hot and cold takes about all things Northwestern-related. From #resignMorty… 

MEHER YEDA: … to why the heck students on campus are getting so much milk right now!

EMMA YARGER: Each episode, we’ll be chatting with opinionated Northwestern students to get the dirt on all these topics.

MEHER YEDA: This podcast will beg the question: Who asked you?

ALEX CHUN: You can listen to Who Asked You on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or SoundCloud. 

Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Twitter: @apchun01, @emmayarger, @yikesmeher

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