YoFresh Yogurt Cafe, C&W Market and Ice Cream Parlor to provide meals to poll workers on Election Day


Courtesy of YoFresh Facebook Page

Larry and Jean Murphy at YoFresh Yogurt Cafe. Their business will continue to support the community on Election Day.

Olivia Alexander, Reporter

YoFresh Yogurt Cafe co-owner Larry Murphy recently came across the true meaning of the word restaurant in an article: “that which restores.”

Being a part of restoring community and wellbeing is very central to them, Murphy said.

On Election Day, YoFresh, as well as C&W Market and Ice Cream Parlor, will help restore community and provide meals to poll workers across 51 Evanston precincts.

By supporting the work of their fellow residents, Murphy and his wife Jean hope to foster community in Evanston.

In past years, Murphy said YoFresh has recruited teams of around five drivers to transport the meals to polling places. This year, Jean sent out a recruitment post on Facebook that received “an overwhelming response” of around 50 replies, she said.

Linda Gerber, president-elect of Evanston Lighthouse Rotary, is participating in the meal delivery project for the first time this year. Her role is to welcome drivers, conduct COVID-19 wellness checks and promote social distancing.

“It’s during a pandemic, (but) it’s also during a critical election,” Gerber said. “People are exhausted and discouraged and need reinforcement, need encouragement, need a sign that the community cares.”

Drivers will report to C&W before breakfast or YoFresh right before noon to get started, Murphy said. After temperature checks and hand sanitizer distribution, they will be assigned routes involving three precincts of deliveries. When each driver returns, YoFresh will provide refreshments for them, Murphy said.

SESP freshman Donovan Cusick, is a part of NU’s Rotaract Club, and is scheduled to volunteer on Tuesday. He will arrive at C&W at 5:30 a.m. to greet the drivers.

“I’m really passionate about the voting processes,” Cusick said. “This is a great way for me to get involved and volunteer and hopefully make voting more accessible to more people.”

The Murphys, having worked the polls in the past, understand the long hours volunteers work, sometimes without nourishment. Murphy said they are packing hearty lunches, including sandwiches, chips, water, fruit and hot tea bags.

He said the mission of providing the poll workers sustenance is “extremely important,” and an important difference he and his wife can make on election day.

“We want to be a part of it,” Murphy said. “We want to make our contribution to this very important work of exercising the right to vote and having a voice in what happens in the community and in the nation.”

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