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Ed Bryant, left, honors former SPC Board Chair and current Medill Dean Charles Whitaker, right, at The Daily’s 2017 Homecoming Celebration.

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September 23, 2020

It’s possible many Daily Northwestern alumni and staff have never heard Ed Bryant’s name. He was never a top editor at the paper, and the successful career he enjoyed was in law and not journalism.

But, make no mistake, no individual is more responsible for the paper’s legacy of journalistic excellence -and it’s very survival—than Ed, who passed away September 20, 2020.

A former editorial writer at the paper during the 1960s, Ed joined the Students Publishing Co. board in 1972 and served tirelessly ever since, helping Students Publishing Company navigate an increasingly treacherous and challenging marketplace for student newspapers with both legal expertise and business acumen. He was also among The Daily’s most generous financial supporters, repeatedly stepping up to help The Daily in its time of need.

We’d ask that, to honor his remarkable 48 years of service to The Daily, that you do the same. Celebrate his life and memory with a donation to The Daily.

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Click here make a donation to The Daily in memory of Ed via Northwestern University. Make sure to scroll down to the “YOUR HONORARY/MEMORIAL GIFT OPTIONS” section, click the button on the right and enter “Ed Bryant” in the “My Gift is in memory of” field and “for The Daily Northwestern” in the “Additional gift information” field.

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