Blotter: Disorderly conduct arrest, theft at Whole Foods

Hannah Feuer, Reporter

An Evanston man and a Minneapolis woman were arrested for disorderly conduct and criminal damage respectively in connection with an incident on 2320 Greenwood St.

The people arrested have the same last name and are most likely siblings, Evanston Police Cmdr. Brian Henry said.

At around 6:55 p.m. on Monday, Evanston police responded to a disturbance in the area between two large groups. EPD separated the parties and was approached by an Evanston woman who said her car window had been smashed.

An eyewitness identified the person who smashed the window as the Minneapolis woman.

The Evanston man then reportedly tried to instigate a fight. After police gave him multiple warnings, he started to run toward the Evanston woman who had reported damage to her car.

Both the Evanston man and Minneapolis woman are in custody. Court dates for the individuals are not currently available.

Retail theft

EPD arrested a DeKalb man in connection with retail theft Tuesday.

The man reportedly stole six bottles of champagne, valued at $358, from the Whole Foods located at 1640 Chicago Ave.

Around 1:40 p.m., a Whole Foods employee saw the DeKalb man putting bottles of alcohol into a bag without paying and called the police. The employee then chased the DeKalb man — who was in a wheelchair — out of the store and into the CVS on Sherman Avenue, where police took him into custody.

The DeKalb man was wanted for several other retail theft cases in Evanston, Henry said.

There is security footage of the incident. The DeKalb man is set to appear in court July 30.

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