Evanston Man, Evanston Woman to merge into Evanston Magazine


Courtesy of Evanston Woman

The February cover of Evanston Woman magazine. The magazine is merging with Evanston Man to become Evanston Magazine, which will publish its first issue in March.

Jacob Fulton, Assistant City Editor

The individual magazines Evanston Man and Evanston Woman are no more. As of next month, the two publications are becoming one and merging into Evanston Magazine.

The merged publications plan to introduce the revamped magazine through a soft launch event at Robert Crown Community Center on March 21.

Instead of producing two separate magazines, the publishers of Evanston Man and Evanston Woman decided that a singular publication would more effectively speak to the broader interests of residents.

As a result, when the rights to the name Evanston Magazine — which formerly belonged to a different publication that no longer exists — went up for sale, the publishers decided to purchase them. Evanston Woman publisher Linda Del Bosque said the intentional appeals to women and men created loyal audiences, but also limited the potential reach of each magazine.

She said because people move to Evanston to get out of the city, or choose to stay in the area after graduating from Northwestern, the existence of a more unified community magazine seemed important to her.

“We know this is a destination city,” Del Bosque said. “So with that, we know the magazine has to grow from here, so we want to plant the seed for both the man and the woman.”

Del Bosque said the rebrand will allow the new publication to connect with different groups of people in the city.

Aaron Foster, the editor in chief of Evanston Man, said one way the new magazine expand its coverage is through the addition of an LGBTQ section of the magazine. However, he said Evanston Magazine has not yet found an editor to fill that role — and he wants to make sure the coverage is respectful of the community.

Foster also said he hoped to see a growth in circulation, and plans to modify the business model for subscribers later in the year.

“We hope to keep consistently printing and placing it around the city,” Foster said. “Our goal is to, by September or October of this year, start to mail directly into the home and beyond.”

With the first edition set to launch in March, the new magazine plans to cover stories highlighting residents and local businesses. The first cover story will profile Evanston resident Dick Peach, a columnist at the Evanston RoundTable and former president of the Rotary Club of Evanston.

Karen Kring will write the story, and she said she is excited to see how the magazine will bring the community together.

“The new Evanson Magazine has the potential to connect neighbors and dive a little deeper into the personalities that make the city special and interesting,” Kring said.

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