Resident files lawsuit against Cook, EPD after Snapchat posts

Jacob Fulton, Assistant City Editor

Evanston resident Kevin Logan filed a civil lawsuit against the city, Evanston Police Department and police chief Demitrous Cook on Sunday after Cook posted the mugshots of over 30 of the department’s known subjects to his public Snapchat story.

Cook posted the photos around 6 p.m. on Feb. 17. In a Friday press conference, he said the postings were accidental, and he was attempting to save them to his phone. He said he used the Snapchat camera because he preferred its quality to that of his regular phone camera.

Logan is suing the defendants for $1 million in damages on eight counts, including defamation, negligence and infliction of emotional distress.

EPD declined to comment on the suit.

Logan, who is represented by attorney Ilia Usharovich, was one of the men whose photos were publicized by Cook’s posting. The photo included Logan’s name, date of birth and last known address, as well as a handwritten note reading “HIV,” implying that Logan may have been HIV-positive.

However, in a Saturday HIV test, Logan tested negative.

After Cook posted the photos on his Snapchat, screenshots circulated on Facebook and were shared with multiple people. Logan was targeted for his supposed HIV status, and other residents whose photos were shared reportedly also faced backlash.

The suit claims that Cook violated police policy by creating and distributing copies of official police documents while on the job, and his actions caused emotional distress through publication of the photos. It also said the posts damaged Logan’s reputation by falsely identifying him as HIV-positive, which resulted in online harassment.

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