Blotter: Vitamins stolen at Target, woman arrested for possession

Molly Burke, Reporter

A 29-year-old Chicago woman was arrested Thursday around 8 p.m for possession of a controlled substance.

A witness called police to report drug use in the vestibule of an apartment building at 116 Clyde Ave. The police responded and found two individuals who matched the description provided by the caller.

Upon inspection, one of the people was found to have a substance resembling crack cocaine and was arrested, Evanston police Cmdr. Brian Henry said.

Vitamins stolen at Target

A 30-year-old Skokie woman was arrested Thursday at Target, 1616 Sherman Ave., for allegedly taking over $400 of vitamins and medicines. She was charged with retail theft. 

Target security stopped the woman after she passed the last point of purchase and called the police, Henry said.

Her court date is on March 6.

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