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Players walk up the hill from practice. Fitzgerald said “when you walk it back up, you feel like you've accomplished something.”

Peter Warren/Daily Senior Staffer

Captured: Northwestern football practices at Camp Kenosha

August 21, 2019

Every year, Northwestern travels to Kenosha, Wisconsin for more than a week of practicing, learning and team bonding called Camp Kenosha. The tradition dates back to Gary Barnett’s tenure in the 1990s and has become an important part of the Wildcats’ culture. Held on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Camp Kenosha is where the players and coaches believe the team becomes a brotherhood. “I just love seeing the way our team comes together. I think that’s my favorite tradition,” coach Pat Fitzgerald said. “It’s something special to watch.”

The Northwestern trailer in one of the parking lots on Wisconsin-Parkside’s campus. Northwestern has been coming to Kenosha since 1992.

The sideline of one of the two imperfect practice fields. This field has a concave shape to it.

Four Northwestern players walk to practice. Senior center Jared Thomas called these walks “invaluable.”

The Northwestern players warm up before practice. Offensive players wear white pinnies, while defensive players wear black.

Players practice on the two fields. Each field has one goal post.

The players huddle up in position groups during a break. Players bunk with other members of their position groups.

Players line up waiting listening to Fitzgerald explain the Watermelon Eating Contest. All newcomers to the program compete in the contest.

A freshman holds the watermelon is his hands. Fitzgerald said the contest has been going on for 14 years.

Players walk up the hill from practice. Fitzgerald said “when you walk it back up, you feel like you’ve accomplished something.”

Junior linebacker Blake Gallagher strolls along campus by himself. Senior defensive back Joe Bergin said these walks can help remind you “why you’re here, what you’re doing it for and what you want to focus on.”

Two players walk together to lunch. Thomas said those small conversations during walks are “what you’ll remember the most.”

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