City manager to leave Evanston after 10 years for Washington state position


Daily file photo by Evan Robinson-Johnson

City manager Wally Bobkiewicz during a community meeting in May. Bobkiewicz will be leaving his position for a new job in Issaquah, Wash. at the end of September.

Marissa Martinez, Summer Editor

City manager Wally Bobkiewicz is leaving his position after 10 years of service. Bobkiewicz has accepted a position as city administrator in Issaquah, Wash., and will assume the role Sept. 30.

Bobkiewicz is one of the longest-serving city managers in Evanston and will replace the former Issaquah city administrator, Emily Moon, who announced her departure in March.

In an email announcing his resignation, Bobkiewicz pointed to a variety of improvements made to Evanston’s infrastructure during his time served. Citing increased public safety, a strong relationship with Northwestern and more, Bobkiewicz credited the leadership of his colleagues.

“During my ten years as city manager, I am most proud of the team I have assembled to serve the community,” he wrote. “The men and women who lead the city are a talented, diverse group of people who are at the top of their respective municipal professions.”

He has applied for a number of jobs in the Pacific Northwest in the past few years, leading some to criticize his desire to leave the city. Most recently, he withdrew an application for an Oregon county administrator position earlier this year, despite being a finalist.

As Issaquah city administrator, Bobkiewicz will assist the mayor, who is in her first term, and will help oversee various government offices and departments implement city council policies.

Bobkiewicz is leaving during a period of unrest in Evanston’s city government. The mayor’s office and city council are facing a variety of issues, from struggles for consensus over the Harley Clarke mansion and Robert Crown Community Center to the censure of city clerk Devon Reid.

The process to find an interim replacement will begin Sept. 9 during a city council meeting. 

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