University says it ‘will not tolerate’ racist incidents after second racist sticker found on campus


Daily file photo by Evan Robinson-Johnson

Main Library. The second sticker was found in a bathroom stall just after 6 p.m.

Austin Benavides, Assistant Campus Editor

In an email sent to students Monday, Provost Jonathan Holloway and Craig Johnson, senior vice president for business and finance, wrote that the recent racist incidents on campus “do not reflect our values and are unacceptable at Northwestern.”

The email comes after a second sticker with the white supremacy slogan “It’s okay to be white” was found on campus Saturday evening, making it the second one discovered in a month.

The sticker was found in a bathroom stall in Main Library, making it the third such incident in recent weeks. In the email, the administrators wrote the student took down the sticker, threw it away and “forwarded a picture of the sticker to investigators.”

Weinberg senior Samuel Webber told The Daily he found the sticker just after 6 p.m. on Saturday.

University Police did not find any other stickers in the common areas of University, Deering, and Mudd libraries, the administrators wrote, but they said: “It’s possible additional stickers could be placed on our campus in the days and weeks to come, and community members could find them.”

The first sticker was found two weeks ago in Allison dining hall, and one month ago a rope shaped into a noose was found in Henry Crown Sports Pavilion. Both incidents prompted criticism from students that the university was too slow in responding to the student body, leading to an Associated Student Government emergency resolution last Wednesday that asked University officials to acknowledge their “failure to adequately address them, as well as its failure to support Black students.”

In the email, the administrators referred to Northwestern’s Title IX policy, writing that the university will “not tolerate such acts of hate occurring at Northwestern.”

“Any such discrimination simply will not be tolerated,” University officials said. “Northwestern Police continue to investigate this incident, along with the previous acts reported to the community on Friday.”

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