ASG senator introduces legislation to terminate controversial psychologist’s scholarship


Noah Frick-Alofs/Daily Senior Staffer

ASG president Emily Ash speaks at ASG Senate. The Senate introduced legislation calling for the termination of controversial psychologist’s visiting scholarship at the University.

Amy Li, Development and Recruitment Editor

Legislation calling for NU to immediately terminate controversial psychologist Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa’s scholarship and ban him from conducting future research on campus was introduced during the Associated Student Government’s Senate meeting on Wednesday.

The legislation was introduced by Senator Christian Wade. The Weinberg first-year added that NU must release an official statement that recognizes Kanazawa’s research as “racist, sexist and misogynistic, which they failed to do in their last statement.” Senate will vote on this legislation next week.

In response to Kanazawa’s year-long sabbatical from The London School of Economics and Political Science to work at Northwestern, a petition against his stay gathered over 5,200 signatures. Provost Jonathan Holloway wrote in a Dec. 13 email that the psychologist will remain on campus, and that “personally held views, no matter how odious, cannot be a reason to undermine the vital principle of intellectual freedom.”

Wade said the legislation will also demand that the University increase student and faculty input concerning all decisions, especially ones that jeopardize the comfort of students.

“As a student, I personally feel offended that the University chose not to dismiss him,” Wade said.

Although Holloway’s email clarified that Kanazawa “isn’t teaching, collecting research data, or getting paid by the University,” Wade said the lack of information on what work the psychologist is conducting on campus is part of the problem.

ASG executives are reaching out to administrators to discuss how Kanazawa became a visiting scholar, although the University’s process appears to be “fairly obscure right now,” added Adam Downing, speaker of the Senate.

ASG also voted on the allocation of funds for B-Status Student Groups.

The additional $1,100 set aside for Senate to distribute to student groups was split among three clubs: the Northwestern Book Club, Northwestern Sports Analytics Group and Northwestern Bhangra.

The Northwestern Book Club received $400 to provide books for students who cannot afford to purchase a new book every month in an attempt to increase the group’s accessibility. Northwestern Sports Analytics Group received $300 to cover transportation fees, and Bhangra received $400 to hire a DJ.

In response to reports that the federal government will roll back Title IX protections for gender non-conforming people, newly instated ASG President Emily Ash introduced a Title IX panel and comment-writing workshop. The workshop will be co-hosted by ASG, Sexual Health and Assault Peer Educators, Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault and the Norris University Center.

“To my knowledge, we are the only student government working on this right now through our senate,” Ash said. “That’s pretty cool.”

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