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The stories that almost made the cut

January 2, 2019

2018 Year in Review

Unfortunately, not all stories could make the cut for the year in review. But we thought you should still see some of our favorites.

As colder temperatures bring fewer sightings, students reflect on abundance of skunks this fall

Daily file photo by Noah Fricks-Alofs

This fall, The Daily tackled one of the strangest campus phenomena: skunk sightings. Between 2010 and 2016, the number of skunks in the Chicago area nearly doubled, and students on campus began to run into skunks everywhere. Read more here.

Stop drinking milk after coming to NU? You’re not alone
Whether it’s due to skipping breakfast or lactose intolerance, people drink less milk when they get to college. Although Northwestern Dining goes through roughly 650 gallons of milk a week, the drink has started to lose its popularity among Americans of every age group. Read more here.

I’m Running: Kellogg alum Cindy Axne competes in ‘must-win’ Iowa race

Source: Cindy Axne
In 2017, Kellogg graduate Cindy Axne made the decision to run as a Democrat for Congress in Iowa’s 3rd district, challenging U.S. Rep. David Young (R-Iowa). She won the seat in November. Read more here.

Evanston’s lovebirds looking to raise young after tough season

Daily file photo by Colin Boyle

Since 2004, peregrine falcons — a species that once was endangered — have taken to building their nests at Evanston Public Library, drawing widespread attention from gawking pedestrians and even garnering a heavy media following. Read more here.

Don’t pretend you’re perfect, Family Institute tells students
In November, The Family Institute set up posters and a tent near The Rock to to make students aware of what SESP Prof. Jessica Rohlfing Pryor calls the “silent epidemic” of modeling perfectionism at Northwestern. Read more here.

Students, administrators attempt to reconcile history of Sand Creek Massacre
Since students began to raise questions about John Evans’s involvement in the Sand Creek Massacre, members of the Northwestern community have been attempting to reconcile with history. Read more here.

Al’s Deli: From American delicatessen to French-inspired mainstay

Daily file photo by David Lee

When Bob Pottinger and his brother, John, took over their father’s deli full-time in 1992, the duo transformed the restaurant — once a steadfastly American institution, offering sandwiches like bologna and hard salami on white Wonder Bread — into a more international affair. Read more here.

The Great Recession was 10 years ago. Some suffered scars, others escaped injury
Jacob Convicer (Weinberg ’09) had a job lined up at Thomson Reuters. Then the economy tanked. He took a job at State Street, an investment management firm, with a salary $40,000 less than what he was supposed to make with Thomson Reuters. But if the American economy took a fastball to the head, then the average Wildcat took more of a slow curveball to the arm. Read more here.

NU Bhangra wins national competition, looks ahead to championship

Source: Rohan Savoor

Northwestern Bhangra won a national competition in March for the first time in three years. To prepare for the competition, which took place at the very end of Spring Break, team members practiced individually every day and sent videos to the captains for feedback. Read more here.

City Council meetings in Evanston are long. That’s a problem.
Mondays tend to be a late night for Evanston’s aldermen and city officials. It’s not Monday Night Football or an impending dread of the rest of the work week that keeps them awake, but council meetings that start in the evening and sometimes stretch into the early hours of the next morning. Read more here.