Blotter: Man arrested for battery of an officer

Cameron Cook, Assistant Campus Editor

Evanston Police Department police arrested an Evanston man for battery of an officer in the 800 block of Elmwood Avenue early Saturday morning.

A taxi driver called EPD about the incident and told officers the man hailed the taxi in Chicago. The man asked to be taken to an apartment building on Elmwood Avenue, said Evanston police Cmdr. Ryan Glew.

The man then fell asleep in the back of the taxi, and the driver was unable to wake him. He also told officers that the $73 taxi fare had not yet been paid, Glew said.

Officers woke the man, at which point he became verbally aggressive. Upon being informed he had to pay for the taxi, he insisted the taxi driver had taken his debit card, which was later found in his wallet, Glew said.

When asked to pay by other means, the man “took an aggressive stance” toward an officer. He pressed his chest against the officer, who put his left hand against the man’s chest to create distance, Glew added.

“He smacked the officer’s hand away and said ‘Don’t f—ing touch me,’” Glew added.

The man was then arrested and brought to the police station. The taxi driver has not yet decided whether to pursue charges, Glew said, but he wants the fare paid.

Plants and facial wipes stolen

EPD officers responded to a report of a theft in the 1600 block of Ridge Avenue in central Evanston on Saturday afternoon.

The 21-year-old resident told officers that facial wipes and plants delivered to her apartment earlier in the day were gone, and that other packages of hers had been opened but left there, Glew said.

The packages were in an unsecured entryway, Glew added.

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