Blotter: Evanston man arrested for domestic battery

Sophie Mann, Digital Development and Recruitment Editor

Evanston police were called to Evanston Hospital on Saturday at 3 a.m. after receiving a report of domestic battery.

An Evanston woman reported that her husband physically abused her after an argument became physical, Evanston police communications coordinator Perry Polinski said. The woman was shoved and fell, sustaining an abrasion on her forehead.

The woman made the report after driving herself to the hospital, Polinski said. Her husband was arrested at their home in downtown Evanston.

His court date is set for April 12.

Man found in possession of heroin in south Evanston

A man was arrested Saturday morning in south Evanston in connection with possession of a controlled substance.

Polinski said the man was a passenger of a car that was pulled over on the 700 block of Howard Street. An officer smelled cannabis in the car. The officer then began to search the passenger and the driver of the vehicle.

4.8 grams of heroin were found on the passenger, Polinski said. The driver was not charged.

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