Holiday Guide: Wildcats share favorite holiday songs

Daily Sports Staff

In honor of the holiday season, The Daily asked some of the most recognizable faces in the world of Northwestern sports what songs they prefer to jam out to this time of year. The question was the same — “What is your favorite holiday tune?” — but we received a variety of answers.

Chris Collins, men’s basketball coach: I’m a big kind of old-school R&B type of guy. Like ‘90s R&B was kind of my thing, because that’s kind of my time. So, Mariah Carey has a nice Christmas song, I think it’s like “All I Want for Christmas” or something, that I used to vibe pretty good to.

Gavin Skelly, junior forward: It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas,” I guess is my favorite holiday song. I’m not a big holiday song guy, actually. I had a bad experience with an ex-girlfriend who liked holiday songs so I stay away from Christmas music.

Vic Law, sophomore forward: “Happy Birthday,” because my birthday is Dec. 19.

Pat Fitzgerald, football coach: Probably Adam Sandler, “The Thanksgiving Song.” Have you ever heard that?

Tim Balk, Daily reporter: “The Chanukah Song?”

Fitzgerald: No, no, “The Thanksgiving Song.” You ever heard that one?

Balk: No, I haven’t.

Fitzgerald: Put it on your playlist. You’ll enjoy it. You guys are too young.

Anthony Walker, junior linebacker: My favorite movie is “This Christmas.” So Chris Brown singing “This Christmas” at the end is one of my favorites.

C.J. Robbins, senior defensive end: Big fan of Boyz II Men holiday music.

Montre Hartage, sophomore cornerback: For me, something simple: “Jingle Bells.” I mean, nice melody.

Joe McKeown, women’s basketball coach: “White Christmas.” “White Christmas.” By anybody, it doesn’t matter. Everybody did it. But I’ll go with Sinatra or Bing Crosby. Just to show my age.

From all of us at The Daily’s sports desk, we wish you a peaceful, healthy holiday season filled with joyous holiday music. Unless you’re Gavin Skelly — in which case, we wish you a peaceful, healthy holiday season joyfully devoid of seasonal jingles.

Happy holidays!

Ben Pope, Max Schuman and Tim Balk contributed reporting.