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November 28, 2016

Ask any Daily Northwestern alum — a group that includes many of America’s top journalists — and they’ll tell you they learned more in The Daily’s newsroom than just about anyplace else.

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To ensure future generations can say the same, we’ve launched The Campaign for the Future of The Daily Northwestern to:

  • To ensure that The Daily and its staff have access to the best newsgathering and storytelling technology currently available;
  • To fund student stipends that ensure that staff members with limited financial means are not prevented from working at The Daily;
  • To establish a sound financial footing that will allow The Daily to remain focused on what it has always done best: training and inspiring young reporters, writers, editors, photographers and others looking for a career in the media.


How you can help:

  • Make a fully tax-deductible gift to The Daily through Northwestern University. Be sure to designate The Daily. Your gift also counts toward NU’s We Will campaign.
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  • Send a check to Students Publishing Company. Your fully tax-deductible gift will not count toward We Will.
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