Captured: The Fourth Awakens in Evanston

July 6, 2016

Welcome to The Daily’s photo blog: Captured. This will be a space to share photos by The Daily’s staff as well as photos from members of our community. Students can submit entries to be considered from their classes, vacation or just from around NU by emailing [email protected].


Read our coverage on this year’s Fourth of July parade here.


1.4thJuly_by_Daniel_TianDaniel Tian/Daily Senior Staffer

2.4thJuly_by_GrahamLeah Graham/The Daily Northwestern

3.4thJuly_by_FishmanPaige Fishman/The Daily Northwestern

4.4thJuly_by_SCHOENBAUMHannah Schoenbaum/The Daily Northwestern

5.4thJuly_by_GoldsmithnBenjamin Goldsmith/The Daily Northwestern

6.4thJuly_by_FarkasRemy Farkas/The Daily Northwestern

7.4thJuly_by_LiEmma Li/The Daily Northwestern

8.4thJuly_by_Daniel_TianDaniel Tian/Daily Senior Staffer

9.4thJuly_by_Daniel_TianDaniel Tian/Daily Senior Staffer

10.4thJuly_by_Daniel_TianDaniel Tian/Daily Senior Staffer

11.4thJuly_by_Leeks_LimLeeks Lim/Daily Senior Staffer

12.4thJuly_by_Daniel_TianDaniel Tian/Daily Senior Staffer


Leah Graham, Paige Fishman, Hannah Schoenbaum, Benjamin Goldsmith, Remy Farkas and Emma Li are rising high school seniors participating this summer in the Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute.

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