WNUR announces lineup for Dillo Day’s second stage

Emily Chin, Assistant A&E Editor

WNUR announced Tuesday night its lineup for Dillo Day’s second stage, featuring DJ Derrick Carter and singer Colleen Green.

The lineup also includes Akenya, a singer and pianist, and rappers Mister Wallace and Smino.

The student-run radio station and Mayfest first partnered three years ago to include another stage at Dillo Day to add a new dimension to the festival, said Maddie Higgins, general manager of WNUR. WNUR aims to expose students to up-and-coming artists, with an emphasis on local artists, the Weinberg senior said.

“It’s great because it allows for a style of music that draws a different type of Northwestern student,” she said. “There’s definitely a group of students at Northwestern who are more into underrepresented or underground sound. It accesses a different part of the Northwestern community than is normally accessed by the main stage.”

This year, WNUR collaborated with Studio 22, a student-run production company, to produce the second stage. In the past, they have worked with IndieU and Freshii.

Although Studio 22 was not involved in the selection of artists for the second stage, they sponsored one-third of the booking budget, Higgins said.

“We partnered with Studio 22 because it seems like the perfect pairing in our minds,” Higgins said. “RTVF is all in one title, so this seems like a perfect marriage of communications groups.”

This year, WNUR is putting emphasis on bringing artists from Chicago or artists who are particularly popular in the city, said Weinberg senior Joe Greenbaum, music director for Streetbeat.

WNUR also tries to bring artists that are representative of the station as a whole, Greenbaum said.

“No one knows local Chicago artists better than WNUR does,” said Medill sophomore Isabel Schwartz, a member of the Mayfest productions committee who worked with WNUR on organizing the stage. “They add a lot of range to the artists for Dillo.”

WNUR also aims to bring a diverse range of sounds and different types of artists to the second stage, Higgins said. The music will range from dance music to jazz to techno.

“Each artist has a completely unique style,” she said. “We hope that all of them will fit the overall vibe of Dillo Day and get everyone excited.”

The second stage artists will perform during breaks between main stage performers, Higgins said,

“It keeps the music going so there’s never a dull moment,” Higgins said. “It keeps people on the Lakefill. It gives people the opportunity to see something they haven’t seen before.”

Dillo Day will take place Saturday.

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