Sex educator Auntie Angel performs demonstrations for Sex Week finale


Keshia Johnson/The Daily Northwestern

Auntie Angel, a Chicago-based sex educator, demonstrates a technique with a grapefruit. Angel spoke to roughly 200 students during an event at the Technological Institute on Friday.

Daria Lenderman, Reporter

Chicago-based sex educator Auntie Angel demonstrated six of her more than 50 oral sex techniques to roughly 200 students during Northwestern Sex Week’s finale event Friday night.

Audience members packed the seats and aisles of a Technological Institute lecture hall to watch Angel — who introduced herself as an “intimacy and relations expert specializing in fellatio” — show her techniques, including her signature “grapefruit technique.”

At the start of Angel’s presentation, a number of students who brought their own grapefruits raised their citrus fruits high as an homage to a viral video in which Angel demonstrates a fellatio technique involving a grapefruit.

In a separate demonstration, Angel laid down a tarp on the floor to collect her saliva before showing her six-step process for fellatio.

Angel conversed with students throughout the event, rousing near-constant laughter and applause from the crowd. Weinberg freshman Calvin Anderson, a member of the Sex Week planning committee, said her humor lightened the atmosphere surrounding a topic typically not discussed in public.

“You need something fun in there that gets people engaged,” Anderson said. “The point of Sex Week is to destigmatize sex, and that only works if people are actually engaged and involved and want to talk about it.”

Angel discussed a variety of other topics including female ejaculation and anal sex. In addition to demonstrating and describing a variety of sexual techniques, she reminded the audience of the importance of safe sex.

“You’re in a time in your life where you’re experimenting, so be safe,” Angel said. “Safe sex is really the best sex.”

As the event ended, the audience gave Angel a standing ovation before swarming down to the front of the auditorium for pictures and autographs.

Anderson said Angel distinguished herself from other Sex Week speakers with the added entertainment she brought to her event. He decided to contact Angel for Sex Week after being reminded of her viral video.

“One of the biggest things is that she’s fun, and that’s something really important,” Anderson said. “(Sex Week has) a lot of informative events about health, and some stuff about actual techniques too, but it can be really dry.”

McCormick senior Michael Bartello, who attended four Sex Week events, said Angel’s presentation was the most crowded and entertaining of the four.

“It was hilarious and informative all at the same time,” Bartello said. “It was fantastic.”

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