Letter to the Editor: 31 members of Greek leadership in support of Joji and Archie

We, as current and former leaders of the Greek community, are proudly supporting Joji Syed and Archie Baskaran for Associated Student Government President and Vice President. The ideas here do not represent our chapters or councils, but rather our extensive experience as elected executive officials within the Greek community.

The Greek community makes up roughly 40 percent of the undergraduate population, and is engaged in an array of student activities from music groups, to activism, to athletic teams. As such, we know that we need presidential candidates that are able to represent, advocate for, and govern over these various different interest groups, and make informed, responsible and thorough decisions for the betterment of all students. We believe that Joji and Archie are the best candidates to establish and bring about real change and improvement for every student on this campus.

Joji and Archie have come to us over the past few months to learn about issues like mental health, an inefficient alcohol policy and an unresponsive administrative body, and how they can best work on those problems once elected to office. While the candidates built their platforms, we felt that there was a much more deliberate and intentional effort from the Joji and Archie campaign to engage the Greek community. They visited a multitude of chapter houses to communicate their campaign’s message and address concerns chapter members had on their platform and messaging. Joji and Archie care about our members, and we believe they will do everything in their power while in office to ensure that this campus is safe, through their reformed alcohol policy, as well as healthy, via their innovative mental health initiatives. These two facets represent an extension of risk management that is an important concern that we as Greek leadership have interacted with on a daily basis.

We also believe that Joji and Archie have a nuanced understanding of the needs of diverse communities on our campus. Among other tangible objectives, their platform includes a dedication to the increase of cultural and socioeconomic competence for student group leaders, providing greater accessibility to key university stakeholders and a recognition of how mental health issues differently affect marginalized students. They are committed to not only standing as allies of underrepresented students in order to allow them to have empowered voices in campus discussions, but also as catalysts to deconstructing systems of oppression. Joji and Archie strive for improving the central tenets of diversity and inclusion both within our chapters and across campus — areas in which we are readily awaiting change.

When you show that you are not willing to build relationships with important stakeholders at this university, you disregard the very crux of how student government works. No leader of the governing body for this university should actively refuse cooperation with students or administrators. That is ineffective and immature governance. Joji and Archie have continuously displayed their willingness to work with various student groups and administrators from all walks of campus to work toward real solutions, yet are also able to voice their opinions and stand strongly with their convictions. We as a campus should elect responsible leaders that empower students through thoughtful cooperation and partnerships.

Northwestern has its problems. And fraternities and sororities certainly have their problems. But we believe that Joji and Archie best represent a step in the right direction for our organizations and the campus as a whole. They represent the best of us, and are ready to implement wholesome, sustainable progress on this campus that is so desperately needed. In voting for Joji and Archie this Thursday, we are ready, committed and hopeful. We are putting our faith in the best candidates. And we are not settling.


Adam Shimer, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Current President
Alex Diamond, Zeta Beta Tau, Former President
Alex Oplawski, Sigma Nu, Former President
Amar Shah, Alpha Iota Omicron, Former President
Anastasia Kouimelis, Alpha Phi, Former President
Andrew Melehy, Phi Kappa Psi, Former President
Andy Linder, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Former IFC Vice President for Community Engagement
Austin Gundry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Former President
Brad McCandless, Phi Kappa Psi, Former IFC VP for Risk Management, Former IFC VP for Standards
Brandon Cohen, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Former President
Bryn Dougherty, Gamma Phi Beta, Former President
Caroline Hatch, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Former President
Emily Halpern, Delta Gamma, Former President
Jesus Echezarreta, Beta Theta Pi, Former President
Joe Sauer, Sigma Chi, Former President, Former IFC Vice President for Recruitment
Juliet Bartz, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Current President
Justin Brown, Phi Delta Theta, Former IFC VP for Programming, Former IFC VP for Risk Management
Katie Cirulli, Kappa Alpha Theta, Former President
Katherine Doyle, Kappa Alpha Theta, Former PHA President
Mark Nelson, Sigma Nu, Former President & Former IFC President
Matt Johnson, Beta Theta Pi, Former IFC Vice President for Administration
Michelle Lee, Kappa Phi Lambda, Current President
Nicholas Ohl, Delta Chi, Former President & Former IFC VP for Membership Development
Nick Crance, Pi Kappa Alpha, Former President
Peter Beer, Sigma Nu, Current President
Rodney Orr, Delta Tau Delta, Current President
Rushil Patel, Alpha Iota Omicron, Current President
Sam Levant, Phi Kappa Psi, Current President
Shannon Lane, Zeta Tau Alpha, Former President
Suzy Kim, Kappa Phi Lambda, Current President of MGC
Joseph Raff, Delta Chi, Former President