Letter to the Editor: Members of ASG’s executive board support Christina and Macs

We, as members of Associated Student Government’s executive board, ask you to acknowledge the value of your voice and vote in changing campus culture.

We’ve heard calls for increased diversity and inclusion, greater transparency and efficiency within ASG, but have seen them drowned out by ASG politics and disorganization. We will not settle for this any longer and neither should you.

Joji and Archie speak of “A NU Deal” that vastly expands the role of ASG in student life using the same bureaucratic structures that exist today. As members of the ASG Exec board, we understand what a bad idea this is. The solution to this is not to expand the current toxic system of ASG. It is not to create a new council. It is not to create a new task force. How can one claim to care about marginalized voices while promising to expand the current harmful system in place? How can one possibly boil down ASG’s past failure to care for marginalized voices as an efficiency issue?

No substantial progress can even begin to be made without true recognition of ASG’s past hostility towards marginalized students and realization of what is really at stake. We support Christina and Macs because they are the first to center their efforts to amplify marginalized voices, advocate for them to administration, and redefine our understanding of student government and representation. They understand that the table as it is set right now is not acceptable; it must be flipped over.

Each of us has a responsibility to make Northwestern a healthier, safer and more inclusive campus for everyone. Christina and Macs are the first candidates to take this responsibility to the next level. They are trailblazing the way for a new ASG, a new NU, and with your support we can make history.

Jourdan Dorrell, ASG VP of Accessibility and Inclusion
Riko Ohashi, ASG VP of Academics
Florence Fu, ASG VP of Public Relations
Serendi Lau, ASG VP of Analytics
Matt Herndon, Past ASG VP of Accessibility and Inclusion
Michael Wang, ASG VP of Services