Letter to the Editor: Members of the Greek community support Christina and Macs

We, as members of IFC and PHA Greek organizations, are voting for Christina and Macs for student body President and Vice President. We urge all members of the Greek community to do the same this coming Thursday.

Why should members of IFC and PHA chapters care about the ASG election? This is a question that many of us have asked ourselves in years past. Like Greek life, ASG holds a significant amount of influence on campus. That is to say, while we may have our doubts and questions about how effective ASG is, there is no denying that the student body President and Vice President are included in discussions and meetings with administration that impact all students on campus.

Within our chapters, we strive to lead our peers towards a more inclusive Greek life. We actively discuss and debate the privileged heritage of fraternity and sorority life. We believe that with the right leadership, Greek life can be at the forefront of improving the Northwestern community. This year, we should hold our student body President and Vice President to those same standards.

Christina and Macs are the only candidates who are ready to hold that torch.  Their keen sense of empathy for marginalized students is exactly what we have been trying to develop within our chapters. At Northwestern, it is hard to find a place or group on campus, Greek or otherwise, that isn’t affected by these issues. By committing to accessibility issues across campus, from the establishment of institutional scholarships for Greek life to hiring more diverse faculty, Christina and Macs have shown that we can connect all of campus with a common struggle.

This choice is a critical one. From Christina and Macs, we hear a voice that tells us the honest truth: that the moment has come for all of Northwestern to pause and think deeply about how Northwestern is hostile to some of our Wildcat friends and family. By voting for Christina and Macs on this coming Thursday, let’s be leaders towards a better campus, as members of our chapters, as members of IFC and PHA and as members of the Northwestern community.


Wan Kwok, Chi Omega Diversity and Inclusion Chair
Ashley Radee, Kappa Delta Campus Inclusion and Community Chair
Sienna Parker, Gamma Phi Beta Diversity and Inclusion Chair
Rebecca Gerson, Delta Gamma Diversity and Inclusion Chair
Haley Smith, Kappa Alpha Theta Diversity and Inclusion Chair
Angelina Strohbach, Delta Zeta Diversity and Inclusion Chair
Willow Pastard, Delta Delta Delta former Diversity and Inclusion Chair
Krista Lafferty, Kappa Alpha Theta President
Nikki Romane, Alpha Chi Omega President
Daniel Isaacson, Zeta Beta Tau former President
Luke Bertolet, Delta Tau Delta former President
Isaac Rappoport, Zeta Beta Tau former Philanthropy Co-Chair
Alisha Punjwani, Gamma Phi Beta former Collegiate Alumni Relations Chair
Vicky Ho, Delta Gamma Honor Board member
Kate Slosburg, Kappa Kappa Gamma member
Riko Ohashi, Kappa Delta member
Margaret Parker, Alpha Phi member
Marissa Mizroch, Gamma Phi Beta member
Sofía Rivera Sojo, Delta Zeta member
Michael Daugherty, Phi Gamma Delta member
Hannah Merens, Delta Delta Delta Diversity and Inclusion Chair

Editor’s Note: The headline of this letter was updated at 7:15 p.m. to reflect Daily style as well as clarify the signatories’ roles in the Greek community.