Block 2: Dance Memeathon

Matthew Choi and Peter Kotecki

Though dancers will not sport their hour club T-shirts until Block 9, some Dance Marathon veterans enjoyed a unique experience midway through Block 2.

For the first time, each hour club has specific perks, said DM’s community engagement co-chair Marissa Mizroch, a Medill junior and former Daily staffer. This year, members of the 60 hour club left the tent about an hour into Block 2 to pack 500 extra bags of food for Blessings in a Backpack. These bags are in addition to the 12,548 backpacks packed before DM.

“It’s a little different every year you do it,” Mizroch said. It’s an accomplishment whatever hour club you’re in so it’s a way to celebrate and recognize all the time they’ve given to Dance Marathon. “

Block 2 kicked off with a performance from Chicago band August Hotel, who not only played original music but also covered bands like Vampire Weekend and Two Door Cinema Club.

August Hotel performed at last year’s DM after winning Battle of the Bands and was invited back due to their positive reception, DM spokeswoman Kalli Koukounas said.

“They had really good reviews and people just really enjoyed them,” the Weinberg junior said. “We like to have student groups perform just because we like to get as much of campus involved as possible.”

Bienen and Communication sophomore Chris Landy said August Hotel rehearsed altogether for the first time one hour before performing at DM. Landy described the performance as an exhilarating experience.

“Just the feeling of being up there and seeing everyone sharing the music in the room, I can’t even describe,” he said. “It’s by far my best memory at Northwestern and probably will be for my whole college career.”

McCormick freshman Rachel Gradone said August Hotel’s performance was exciting and helped mix up the music in the tent.

After a video from Blessings in a Backpack, Sue Hyde, the organization’s volunteer coordinator, spoke to dancers about her opportunity to interact with children who receive bags.

“You may or may not (interact with the kids), but it’s really important for you to know you’re making an amazing, amazing difference in these kids’ lives,” she said.

Hyde said she wanted to thank each dancer and give them a hug.

“All that you’re doing here tonight, and all the work that you have done over the past ten months, you are changing the lives of kids,” she said.

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