Best Burger: Edzo’s Burger Shop

Despite the fierce competition against Best Restaurant champion Bat 17 and Evanston newcomer Epic Burger, Edzo’s Burger Shop has retained the title of Best Burger in Evanston.

Located at 1571 Sherman Ave., one of Evanston’s most-beloved eating establishments boasts a smorgasbord of choices when it comes to their cuisine. Edzo’s offers both griddled and char burgers, with the opportunity to double or even triple up on fresh patties. It’s hard to resist the temptation of a triple griddled burger in this friendly neighborhood eatery.

If your preference doesn’t fall in the red meat category, no problem: Edzo’s offers turkey, veggie and portobello mushroom burgers for you, and their sandwich options serve as strong yet just-as-flavorful substitutes for the classic beef patty. Every burger comes “with everything” — ketchup, mustard, pickles and onions — unless otherwise specified, and customers may also add a fried egg or sauteed mushrooms for an even richer experience. Edzo’s burgers are clearly the pride of the establishment, but their quality knows no bounds throughout their whole menu.

That quality extends to Edzo’s vibrant selection of milkshakes, which pair excellently with a burger and fries but stand equally well on their own. Beyond the decadent flavors — which are mixed in clear view while you wait for the rest of your order — Edzo’s milkshakes stand out for their value. “The Five Dollar Milkshake,” as the restaurant dubs it, comes in at just $4.75 and is served side-by-side with whatever is left from the mixing cup — and of course there’s always plenty left over for a healthy topping-off. Each shake is artfully crowned with whipped cream and a cherry on top to complete the experience. And for the adventurous, the standing options on the menu can be mixed together for an extra $1 to form exquisite combinations like banana-Nutella and chocolate-Oreo and patrons may also treat themselves to the rotating special flavors.

Edzo’s also won Best Milkshake.

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