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Best Noodles: Cozy Noodles and Rice

Aleah Meta/The Daily Northwestern

Aleah Meta/The Daily Northwestern

Daniel Fernandez, Reporter

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Bright action figures, Pez dispensers and license plates line the walls of this local Evanston restaurant like an opulent childhood dream. If the visual fare wasn’t enough to get you inside, Cozy Noodles and Rice, 1018 Davis St. offers a delectable assortment of Thai and other Asian-inspired dishes as well.

The food matches the restaurant’s cheerful interior, offering rich flavors and simple plating which are reminiscent of a home-cooked meal. Indeed, there are no promises of elaborate ingredients or complex fusion dishes on the menu. Just really delicious noodles, served with fresh vegetables, well-seasoned protein and, if you’re in the mood, delightful curry or broths. The serving sizes are generous, the prices are quite reasonable and the waiters are polite and attentive. It’s basically exactly what you would expect from a place that promises a cozy atmosphere.

Noodles Panang is my go-to choice, sporting a tasty broth with just enough spice to enhance the flavors of the meal without overwhelming my taste buds. If you prefer your noodles on the mild side of things, the pad thai and lard na are both fantastic as well.

Besides noodles, Cozy also has plenty of traditional offerings like chicken satay, fried rice and tom kar (coconut soup). Enjoying a freeze with your meal is also never a bad idea — it’s basically a combination of fruit and ice that is equal parts colorful and flavorful.

If you can’t make it to Cozy in person, take-out isn’t a bad idea either. I’ve never had to wait more than 30 minutes to get my food and it’s about as warm and delicious as it is in person. However, if you can brave the cold or just need a break from studying in University Library, Cozy offers a great atmosphere to enjoy a meal with friends or family and plenty of delicious choices.

Cozy also won Best BYOB.

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