Letter to the Editor: Response to Mims’ Spectrum column

Karyn Reif

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The students who work for Northwestern’s Phonathon program are some of the University’s most important ambassadors. By sharing their personal stories with alumni, they strengthen the ties between alumni and students and help alumni understand how their support for NU enables today’s students to pursue their passions and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Most Phonathon conversations are rewarding for both the student caller and the alumnus/alumna. Unfortunately, students occasionally encounter someone who makes inexcusable and reprehensible remarks, as junior Cheron Z. Mims described in a column in The Daily Northwestern last week. We are deeply sorry that Cheron had to experience an alumnus’ disparaging remarks, and we commend her for having the courage to write about her experience with dignity and strength.

Student callers such as Cheron represent the very best of NU. We are thankful to Cheron and her fellow Phonathon callers for all their hard work on behalf of the University, and we offer our full support to each and every one of them.


Karyn Reif
Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations and Development