Odesza to perform at Dillo Day 2015

Emily Chin, Reporter

Mayfest confirmed Monday that Odesza will perform at Dillo Day.

Mayfest teased the group’s performance Sunday night, with the front page of the Dillo Day website matching a logo from Odesza’s 2014 album “In Return.”

An electronic music duo, Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight gained popularity with their first album, “Summer’s Gone,” in 2012.

Odesza’s popular songs include “Say My Name” and “Sun Models.” The duo’s remix “Lost and Found” was also featured on the “Divergent” movie soundtrack.

The group will play in the festival’s electronic music slot at night, which was filled by Ryan Hemsworth last year.

Odesza played at Coachella in April and will play at some of the nation’s largest music festivals this year, including Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo.

“What’s really cool about them for us is their relevance,” said Communication senior Michael Bass, Mayfest’s concerts chair. “Odesza is something that we feel makes the electronic community really happy, but also brings in a bunch of different communities that we haven’t been able to target with this particular slot.”

The group’s music crosses a lot of genres, which makes it appealing to a wider range of people, said Mayfest co-chair Ian Robinson, a Medill senior. He said Mayfest received positive reactions from students after they teased the performance Sunday night.

When Mayfest found out Odesza was available for Dillo Day, the group immediately jumped on the opportunity. Odesza was Mayfest’s “frontrunner” since day one, Bass said.

“Much like (Charli XCX), their rise is now,” he said. “So we’re bringing them in their rise which is very exciting. I do think that every student has heard ‘Say My Name’ and based on the incredible response last night from our teaser, I do think that every student knows something about them to come out and have a great time and enjoy it.”

Mayfest has already announced that Charli XCX, a British pop star, will perform at Dillo Day on May 30. Odesza is not the festival’s headliner, Robinson said.

Odesza’s live performance skills and ability to connect with the audience is what made them stand out from other possible performers, said Steven Goldstein, Mayfest co-chair of promotions.

“One thing that we said with (Charli XCX) that definitely applies here is that we’re really looking not just at the biggest possible name, or the trendiest option, or even the best music, but the best live performance,” the Medill senior said. “And I think that their live performance encompasses a lot of things that are not typical of an EDM show.”

Goldstein said that even if students aren’t familiar with Odesza’s music, it’s “easy to get into once you’re actually there.”

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