The Daily Northwestern for Haley Hinkle and Chris Harlow


Daily file photo by Daniel Tian

Haley Hinkle and Chris Harlow discuss their platform Sunday night in Allison Hall. Hinkle, a Medill junior, and Harlow, a SESP junior, are running for Associated Student Government president and executive vice president.

Nearly every year when we have wrapped up our coverage of the Associated Student Government presidential campaigns, The Daily Northwestern editorial board meets with all candidates and votes on who we should endorse as a paper. Through our close attention to the campaigns and our interviews with both tickets, we have been impressed with all four candidates. Although we think both tickets are qualified, Haley Hinkle and Chris Harlow presented more specific and organized goals, which we believe puts them in a better position to translate their plans to action.

Hinkle and Harlow have already demonstrated they can create change on campus through their previous roles with ASG. As director of transportation, Hinkle oversaw improvements to SafeRide and the shuttle system. As student life vice president, Harlow collaborated with NU Active Minds and NU Listens to identify the prevalent causes of student mental health issues and the nuances that affect marginalized identities.

Hinkle and Harlow have clear intentions to incorporate the dynamism of student voice and identity into ASG goals. Harlow’s experience as student life vice president would allow him to address student needs through his understanding of communities on campus and individual voices. Hinkle stresses that understanding different perspectives is integral to student inclusion. The Daily believes Hinkle and Harlow will bring all voices onto a higher platform through their specific ideas to more practically solicit student feedback on ASG-sponsored projects.

Hinkle and Harlow have a realistic vision for what ASG can accomplish. ASG leaders have often tried to tackle admirable but infeasible projects. Hinkle and Harlow’s knowledge of city regulations, University finances and individual student needs would allow them to balance efficiency and efficacy. They understand the necessity of appealing to the administration, but demonstrated they still know when it’s necessary to push back. We were impressed with their plan for decreasing the number of credits students must earn to graduate, as well as their goal of creating a website for information on sexual assault resources at NU. The Daily believes Hinkle and Harlow’s visions are ambitious but attainable and they are primed to produce tangible results.

The Daily was also impressed with Hinkle and Harlow’s commitment to key issues affecting campus. Hinkle’s experience promoting awareness of sexual violence began during her freshman year in Alpha Chi Omega sorority, and her continuous commitment demonstrates her personal investment in education and understanding. Although she commends ongoing dialogue, Hinkle stresses the importance of action in addition to dialogue through intervention training workshops and other resources on campus. Harlow stressed his personal connection to those with financial aid, acknowledging the burden placed on students with financial need who must pay for the costs of class supplies and campus events. Hinkle and Harlow’s focus on improving the experiences of traditionally marginalized students underscores their larger goal of making NU more inclusive.

Hinkle and Harlow are committed to making ASG an accessible resource for all students. Although they view ASG as a representative body, they understand student voices must be in direct contact with administrators to have influence on campus. Ultimately, although Noah Star and Christina Kim have shown a commitment to making ASG a resource and not just a voice, The Daily believes Hinkle and Harlow have more specific intentions and concrete goals while still maintaining qualities of accessibility and equality.

This editorial represents the views of the majority of The Daily Northwestern editorial board. Several members of the editorial board abstained from the interviews with the candidates and the endorsement vote.