New Dillo Day policy limits guest wristbands


Daily file photo by Julia Azarcon

Students dance at last year’s Dillo Day. This year, each student will only be able to bring one guest and will have to pay $10 for the guest wristband.

Emily Chin, Reporter

Northwestern students can bring just one guest to Dillo Day this year and guest wristbands will cost $10, Mayfest announced Monday night.

All NU students are guaranteed to receive a wristband, but Mayfest’s new policy limits the number of available wristbands for students’ guests, NU graduate students, alumni, faculty and staff. Additionally, a small number of wristbands will be made available for Evanston residents for $25.

Guests could previously attend Dillo Day for free. The wristband fee was implemented this year to reflect the cost NU students pay for Dillo Day through the Student Activities Fund.

“Dillo Day is an event for students and the wristband policy allows us to kind of ensure that students are the ones that are getting access to the Lakefill,” said Mayfest co-chair Justin Wolf, a Communication senior.

After registering for Dillo Day, every student will be guaranteed a free wristband distributed through the Norris Box Office.

Guest wristbands will be sold in waves so people have equal opportunity to purchase them. Mayfest co-chair Ian Robinson said the wristbands may sell out. However, each student has a fair opportunity to buy one online until they run out, he said. The times guest wristbands will be sold will be announced later.

“Before we had a wristband policy, the entrance policy was very confusing and people had to carry multiple IDs with them,” the Medill senior said. “There were literally flowcharts for understanding because there was so much going on. This year we’ve kind of simplified the entire process such that you don’t have students waiting in long lines.”

The wristband policy implemented last year makes entering the Lakefill easier and faster and creates a safer Dillo Day, Wolf said.

The wristbands will also have barcodes that will allow Mayfest to see not only how many people are on the Lakefill, but who specifically is there, Wolf said.

Mayfest’s University Relations co-chair J.P. Bowgen, a SESP senior, said last year guests had serialized wristbands. With better technology this year, the wristbands allow for more accountability.

Charli XCX was the first performer to be announced for this year’s festival. The full lineup for the May 30 event has not yet been released.

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