Best Drunchies: Cheesie’s

Helen Lee, Reporter

Once the drunchies hit, Northwestern students transform from studious scholars to loyal customers at one of Evanston’s best late-night dining options: Cheesie’s Pub & Grub, 622 Davis St. We don’t know what it is about the grilled cheese sandwiches, but options like The Mac, with creamy mac ‘n’ cheese nestled between two slices of buttery Texas toast, give a slice of heaven every time we visit.

The late-night hours, convenient location and mouthwatering menu won Cheesie’s the spot as Evanston’s best for the Drunchies.

The restaurant serves alcoholic beverages and affordable grilled cheese sandwiches and sides ranging from $4 to $9 — every college student’s dream. The food redefines “gooey goodness” and is available at your beck and call until 3 a.m.

Even better, Cheesie’s offers a 10 percent discount for students with their WildCARDs and a double discount on Wednesdays.

So, whether you have an affinity for all things grilled cheese, just need to see the Stephen Colbert painting because #GoCats or have the drunchies, kill the craving at Cheesie’s, located at 622 Davis St.

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