Best Place for Dinner with the Family: Bat 17

Alex Putterman, Web Editor

Bat 17 fits perfectly in the take-your-family niche: good food, relaxed atmosphere, good location, efficient service. As a many-time winner in the “Best Restaurant” and “Best Burger” categories, Bat 17, 1709 Benson Ave., will leave mom/dad/brother/sister/grandpa/grandma/aunt/uncle/etc. more than satisfied with their meals. Your family will have numerous sandwiches to choose from, no matter their tastes, with vegetarian and gluten-free options as well. The burgers are the main draw, but the rest of the menu is impressive without being too intimidating or upscale.

Meanwhile, Bat 17 provides the best aspects of a sports bar setup (televisions, energy) without the worst ones (noise, unruliness). Typically full of students, it feels proudly collegiate, the type of place that would be a campus hangout in a movie about college kids. It’s the sort of vibe that launches your parents into monologues about their own youth and makes your little siblings think your school is cool. With a convenient location on Benson Avenue, Bat 17 offers easy access to the rest of downtown Evanston, and if you hope to take your family to a movie, the theater is right around the corner.

If your family has traveled far to see you, they probably haven’t eaten much. And because Bat 17’s delicious food is delivered in large portions, they won’t leave hungry.

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