Students create ‘digital sidewalk’ app to publicize events


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Four Northwestern students launched Pvmnt, a mobile app designed as a “digital sidewalk” for student groups to advertise events. The launch comes after ASG banned ground fliering for its own events.

Emily Chin, Assistant Campus Editor

Four Northwestern students launched a mobile app Friday as an alternative to fliering that shows student events happening on campus.

The app, called Pvmnt, acts as a “digital sidewalk” and serves as an alternative to fliering. It’s a mobile representation of the website, which was created last July by Weinberg junior Eric Brownrout. Through Pvmnt, pronounced “pavement,” student groups can post information about upcoming events for other students to browse through.

Brownrout created the Pvmnt website because he was overwhelmed by fliers around campus when he arrived his freshman year and thought it was inefficient.

“I was walking home from the library and I just happened to see a flier that said the application for Mayfest was due that night,” he said. “Now, (Mayfest is) a big part of what I do on campus. I wonder had I not taken that path from the library, what would my college experience have looked like.”

Brownrout said students don’t find out about many events because they are often publicized through social groups.

“When it comes to fliering, it benefits larger organizations with manpower that can put down more fliers,” he said. “It’s harder for new organizations. I wanted to create a platform that was equal for everyone.”

After finding out about Brownrout’s website, McCormick sophomore Philip Meyers came to Brownrout with the idea of creating a mobile app for Brownrout’s website. Meyers, too, didn’t see any great ways of finding out about campus events. He said he already had an idea for the app but didn’t want to compete with Brownrout’s existing program.

“It’s turned out to be one of our best investments so far,” Meyers said.

The app, like the website, is divided into 10 categories to make it easier for students to find events that interest them. It also has an option to organize events by day.

The app allows students to save events, set reminders and view events that are similar to ones they have attended previously, features the website doesn’t allow.

NU offers similar programs such as Associated Student Government’s Campus Loop email list and the University’s Planit Purple event site, but Brownrout said he thinks they are not widely used.

Brownrout said he hopes to take the project further by collaborating with other groups on campus.

Weinberg junior Olivia Lim, who contributed to the app’s graphic design, said it is particularly useful because of ASG’s recent ban on fliering for ASG events.

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