ASG begins lending cameras to student groups

Emily Chin, Assistant Campus Editor

Associated Student Government launched a camera-lending program late last quarter for ASG-funded student groups, where organizations can check out a camera for up to three days.

ASG Student Activities Vice President Serene Darwish said she realized how difficult it is for students to get professional equipment for projects and event documentation.

“Sometimes we’re lucky and we have someone in the group that has a camera and has access to professional photography, but not everyone has that,” she said.

The camera, a Canon EOS Rebel T3i, was originally for ASG internal purposes, but after receiving several requests from other student groups to borrow the camera, ASG decided to offer a full rental program. Students can request the camera by emailing Darwish.

Darwish said ASG is moving more in the direction of providing services to students. She said it makes more sense to have one camera that all student groups share rather than having individual student groups get their own cameras.

“One thing that I think is really important about ASG is that we strive to serve all students on campus,” said Jaime Toplin, ASG public relations vice president. “The camera program is an extension of that so they use us as a resource rather than just a governing body.”

Students also have the option of asking ASG for funds to buy a camera.

A handful of groups have already started to use the camera to document events and social media campaigns, as well as a tool for public relations, Darwish said.

Toplin has been using the camera to document ASG projects, such as the student activities fair and therapy dogs event. She said this is how she hopes other student groups use the camera.

“There’s no specific path for equipment resources, which is why this is a great way for students to get their hands on very professional equipment,” she said.

The School of Communication has an equipment-lending program for Radio, Television and Film majors, in which students pay a one-time fee of $50 and can rent high-definition cameras for one to two days. However, in order to rent the cameras, students have to be working on a project for a class, said Brian Perkinson, School of Communication film and equipment manager.

The library also offers cameras and other equipment for graduate students, faculty and staff, but does not offer still-image cameras for undergraduates.

Medill IT said it does not provide undergraduate students with any sort of camera-lending service.

Darwish said if the program is successful ASG will look into getting a second camera and other equipment they can provide. She is also looking into establishing a program in coordination with Norris University Center so students can check out the camera through either Norris or ASG.

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