CARE hires permanent survivor advocate

Olivia Exstrum, Campus Editor

Carrie Wachter has been hired as the permanent coordinator of sexual violence response services and advocacy at Northwestern’s Center for Awareness, Response and Education after a search began last summer to fill the position.

During Fall Quarter, Wachter served part-time in the position during the search to replace Eva Ball, who originally held the position.

“(Wachter’s) blend of experience with both advocacy and prevention truly provides the perfect foundation for her work in supporting our students’ success and well-being,” said Lisa Currie, director of health promotion and wellness, in an announcement she made in late December.

In an email to The Daily, Currie said on-campus interviews have been scheduled with three candidates for CARE’s assistant director position, which is vacant. The job was previously held by Laura Anne Haave. Currie said the center hopes to make an offer by the end of January.

Originally, CARE had expected to fill the position by October 2014, Currie told The Daily in November. An unsuccessful search last summer for a new sexual assault survivor advocate had to start from scratch, which led to what Currie in November called a “frustrating” reduction in services. While serving in her part-time role at CARE, Wachter focused on survivor advocacy, but the office hasn’t been able to do much work in sexual assault prevention on campus without a full-time staff.

During the 2013-14 academic year, 78 students used CARE’s services.

Currie told The Daily in November that while she believes CARE is “on track” for a typical year, there may be an increase in students using the center’s services, a number that has grown every year since its inception in 2011.

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