President’s Office to fund DM registration fee ‘scholarships’

Jeanne Kuang, Campus Editor

University President Morton Schapiro’s office will cover the $50 Dance Marathon registration fee for students who demonstrate financial need this year, the organization announced Monday.

“This funding from the President’s Office is looking like it can hopefully be sustainable in the long term as we move forward with future DMs in terms of removing barriers for students to participate,” DM spokeswoman Arielle Miller said.

The registration fee “scholarship” was created last fall, when Associated Student Government voted to allocate $4,000 from its Senate Project Pool for the fund. The Center for Student Involvement examined the financial needs of students who requested the subsidy.

The registration fee, which covers the production cost of DM’s 30-hour event at the end of Winter Quarter, was raised from $45 to $50 last year. More than 130 students applied for the ASG sponsorship.

Fee subsidies will be completely covered by the President’s Office this year, and student need will be determined by the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid, according to a DM news release.

Students can request the fee subsidy when they register for DM if they already receive University financial aid, and the office will review students’ financial statuses to determine if they are eligible for the subsidy. The registration fee money will not affect students’ financial aid packages.

Miller said DM is not authorized to disclose the amount of money available because it is being handled by the financial aid office.

Dancer registration for DM 2015 began Monday and ends Friday at 7 p.m.

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