Northwestern Dining to sponsor student trip to farm

Annie Bruce, Reporter

Students will travel to Borzynski’s Farm on Friday to learn about the farming process behind their food as part of Northwestern Dining’s first Farm Fall Visit.

About 26 students have signed up to attend the free trip, which will feature a corn maze, caramel apples and an opportunity to talk with one of the farmers.

“It should give the students a chance to meet and interact with the farmer and get some experience, especially if they’re from a different part of the country or live in the city their whole life, to get out and see what it takes to actually go from farm to table,” NU Dining marketing manager Rachel Tilghman said.

The event was created after NU Dining employees visited Garwood Orchards over the summer for a similar behind-the-scenes farming experience. Tori Garofalo, a marketing intern at NU Dining, said she enjoyed the visit over the summer and is excited for other students to experience the farm as well.

“In addition to it being really fun and really festive, they’re going to be able to see directly where the food that we get comes from and learn a lot about the process,” the Weinberg junior said.

Tilghman hopes to hold a similar farm visit in the spring.

For those who don’t get to attend on Friday, Tilghman said Borzynski’s Farm will also be featured at an NU Dining event on Oct. 24 in the dining halls.

“It’ll really come full circle with something that’s not just available to the 26 students that signed up but also to any student that eats in our dining halls and is interested in a farm to table meal,” she said.

Borzynski’s Farm supplies NU Dining with cabbage products for dining hall food, retail and catering. Tilghman said she’s excited that students will be able to experience first-hand where their food comes from.

“I just hope it’s an educational experience for the students that do get to attend,” Tilghman said. “I hope they get to learn a little bit about what our goal as Northwestern Dining is but also what it takes to have a farm, what it takes to buy local and what it means to become part of your community.”

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