Two European-inspired bakeries come to Evanston


Caroline Olsen/The Daily Northwestern

Patisserie Coralie, located at 600 Davis St., is planning to open in the second week of October in the space formerly occupied by Cafe Mozart. The new store is one of two European-inspired bakeries coming to the city in the next few months, along with Beth’s Little Bake Shop at 1814 Central St.

Tori Latham, Reporter

Two new pastry shops will open in Evanston in the next few months, bringing more European-inspired cuisine to the city’s baked goods selection.

Pascal Berthoumieux, owner of city businesses Bistro Bordeaux and Creperie Saint Germain, plans to open Patisserie Coralie at 600 Davis St. in the second week of October.

Beth’s Little Bake Shop, started by Evanston resident Beth Welch, will open at 1814 Central St. in early January. 

“There are three main parts to the patisserie,” Berthoumieux said. “The first will be the macarons, the second is the pastries, like little cakes and desserts, and the third will be things like croissants and French breakfast foods. It will seem very similar to what someone would find in France.”

Welch, who came up with her initial plans to open the shop last spring, said she was a little shocked by the idea of another European bakery coming to the city. But the surprise wore off quickly, she said, and she is now excited for both openings.

“I’m looking forward to Evanston having more higher-quality baked goods and more options than what is currently being offered,” Welch said.

Welch said she still has to get approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals, but she said the shop would be opening soon.

“I’ve heard some concern from the community about the store not opening because they’ve seen that the space has looked the same since last spring,” she said. “That is definitely not the case.”

Mark Muenzer, city’s director of community development, said both bakeries will be a great addition to Evanston. Welch is giving back to community in which she lives and Berthoumieux is reinvesting the profits he made from his other Evanston businesses back into the city, he said.

“Both shops are good examples of locally owned and independent businesses that we like to see here in Evanston,” he said. “They will bring a very European and unique feel to the city.”

Both Welch and Berthoumieux echoed Muenzer’s statement and said they hope their shops will each be able to bring a little slice of Europe to Evanston.

“I’m trying to make it into an experience,” Berthoumieux said. “If you come into the patisserie, close your eyes and feel like you are in France, then I did my job.”

Correction: An earlier version of this article misstated the type of food that will be offered at Patisserie Coralie due to an editing error. The bakery plans to carry macarons. The Daily regrets the error.

Clarification: An earlier version of this article was unclear about the timeline for Beth’s Little Bake Shop. Welch said she started thinking about opening the bakery last spring, and she plans to open it in January 2015.

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