Art center retracts request for $500K loan from city

Stephanie Kelly, Assistant City Editor

The Evanston Art Center withdrew its request Thursday for a $500,000 loan from the city to help fund its move to a new building.

The center has obtained the money it needed from another source, city manager Wally Bobkiewicz said in an email to Evanston media. The issue will no longer be brought up at the next City Council, at which time it was going to be discussed further.

Norah Diedrich, the art center’s executive director, asked council Sept. 22 to consider the loan, but aldermen said they didn’t have enough information to make a decision about the funding. They voted to direct Bobkiewicz to negotiate the terms of a possible 18-month loan with the center.

The art center asked for the money to help fund its move from the Harley Clarke Mansion, 2603 Sheridan Road, to a new location at 1717 Central St. The center needed the money by Oct. 6 to close on the new building.

The $500,000 is a part of the art center’s $2.5 million project to renovate and remodel the new center. As of last Monday, the center had raised $1.6 million in its capital campaign.

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